Hotel Santa Barbara

Hotel Santa BarbaraWelcome to my house!

I am a little Santa Barbara. I want to tell you a short story. In the beautiful spa town of Bellaria Igea Marina very close to Rimini in Italia lived was a hotel, called «Il Pescatore». He was quite famous on the coast, primarily for its restaurant. But it so happened that it was closed. Santa Barbara found out about it and was very upset - sad and a shame that such a wonderful place ceased to receive visitors, no longer filled with joy leisure and children's laughter. She decided to help the hotel is open again, keeping the good and adding a lot from myself, to make it more comfortable and cozy.

Our hotel is quite small - just 28 rooms. It defines much. Let's be honest - we can not completely replace our guests to their home, but we can surround them with a warm family atmosphere, comfort and hospitality, make a holiday special, to create "the most" frequently elusive chemistry that guests will remember him only positive emotions and wanted to return to Santa Barbara for a time following the summer break. We do not tout the guests the maximum possible number of services, like many big hotels (we just technically there is no place for a spa, swimming pool, garden, conference room), but what we offer (newly renovated and furnished, beautiful, comfortable rooms, ideal clean and delicious food, courteous and friendly staff, ready to enthusiastically respond to any request by a guest) will be the highest quality possible. In Santa Barbara, you can expect or ask what others can not be, in principle, such a she - a small, welcoming and caring (piccola, cordiale e premurosa).